Help Your Pet Feel Happy During Fireworks

posted: by: Logan Moss Warner Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

A story about Blue,

Blue’s mom arrived home to find feathers from her favorite throw pillow disseminated across the house, another complaint from the neighbors of the constant barking, and to top it off… a fresh pile of #2 everywhere BUT on the potty pad.

Yep, Blue endured yet another thunderstorm while her owners were away. Though her owners have tried many home remedies such as: leaving calming music on while away, creating a safe place for her to retreat to, and even spending a little extra money on interactive toys to keep her mind busy... none have been immensely successful.

Today her owners are here to discuss further treatment options to not only ease their mind while away, but aid in calming ‘Blue’ for her own health benefit. We know that thunderstorms, fireworks, and other loud noises are what she fears the most, but not all pets suffer from the same worriment. Travel, separation, and social anxiety are other forms that we see on a weekly basis.

Blue’s owners have decided to try our newest treatment option, Sileo by Zoetis. Sileo is a gel formulation that is easily administered in between the gum and cheek of your pet’s mouth. Not only is it easy to dispense, but the pets love the caramel flavoring. Another satisfying detail about the product is unlike medications used in the past to treat anxiety, Sileo is not a tranquilizer. Pet owners have reported that their pets are fully functional after taking Sileo, but are calm and able to enjoy the events going on around them. Traditionally July 4th is a day full of picnics, celebrating the great red, white, and blue with family & friends, and of course roaring fireworks. Though so many pet owners endure the same fearful behavior with their pets, few are aware that there is a solution to the epidemic.

If you are one of the thousands of pet owners that find Blue’s incident relatable and are interested in finding a solution, call our office for more information. The sooner you call or come by, the sooner we can find what options works best for your pet!